Transition Successfully from Individual Contributor to Manager

Being elevated from being an individual contributor to a supervisor can be daunting as new skillsets are often needed to perform well. These centre around people management and can be distilled down to Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling. Let’s explore them briefly.

Functions of a
Questions to AskKey Tasks
PlanningWhat are the team’s goals and objectives?• Alignment to my supervisor’s & department’s goals
• Setting clear goals and objectives for my team
• Review plans and appraise team members
OrganizingWhat are the roles and resources needed to meet the team’s goals and objectives?• Organize activities
• Distribute authority to my team members
• Getting the right people to do the right job
LeadingHow will I motivate, coordinate and energize my team members in meeting the team’s goals and objectives?• Energize and motivate the team members
• Engage the team members on a daily basis to understand their accomplishments and challenges
• Recognize and provide Situation-Behaviour -Impact (SBI) based feedback
ControllingHow will I measure and monitor how I am doing with respect to the team’s goals and objectives that have been set?• Monitor the results
• Fine tune the process to realign with the original team’s goals and objectives
• Revise standards for improvement

Leadership skills certainly can’t be honed overnight. But developing these key skillsets will certainly get you off the starting blocks.