About Us

With People at the core of all that we do, ENiBLE is a leadership and talent development organization founded on a mission to propel leadership talent to the next level.

About us

leadership and talent development

The ENiBLE acronym centers around our key ethos of Enabling (En), Innovation (i), Business (B), and Leadership (L) Excellence (E). We equip, enable and empower individuals, organizations and communities to thrive in the evolving economy.

Leadership is for everyone. ENiBLE aims to be your trusted advisor to build better leaders for the future. Through enablement and development, we seek to motivate and equip every individual with essential skills to propel them to greater heights and enhance the quality of their professional lives.

Vision – 

To be a global trusted advisor in business and leadership to individuals, organizations and communities

Mission – 

We provide talent development solutions for building leadership excellence through consulting, facilitation and executive coaching.

Our 4As Approach

At ENiBLE, we adopt the 4As for our training approach.

The key prongs are:

Acknowledge, Accept, Act and Adapt.


Acknowledging your fear and accepting that there are some things you have little control over is the first step towards freeing up mental resources. This enables you to align and focus on alternative ways of leveraging your mental resources.


Changes trigger emotions. Recognizing, regulating, and accepting these emotions allows you to respond more effectively to the events that caused them. When grappling with disruptive changes, emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, or frustration are common. Your feelings further impact your behaviour and result in unwanted outcomes. Successful adaptation calls for an acceptance of the inner experience of emotions without judging them.


Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on expectations of positive outcomes. It includes an element of confidence and creates desire and anticipation. With hope, there is a need to explore creative and renewed possibilities with a growth mindset. With diverse possibilities, you can be agile and expansive in your approach to life and act effectively to lead yourself.


When you act with a growth mindset, you will adapt to unprecedented changes by creating new habits and routines. New ideas and mindsets are sustained by the brain through habits. It is important to formulate them through reliable methods and techniques. These habits will continue to cultivate new hope, renewed determination and effective outcomes that will help you lead and adapt yourself to everyday situations.

meet the team

our leadership team

Led by key principals, Raymond Thomas & Sanjay Mehta, the ENiBLE team brings with them a wealth of practical experience and domain expertise in leadership training. Backed by real life coaching experience in Fortune 500 companies, each is trained and certified to administer best-in-class tools and techniques such as MBTI, DiSC, and Watson Glasser to name a few.