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Change Management

Introduction to Change Management


Leading or managing change is never easy regardless of what we may have learned about it.  Why? Change is not just about processes and policies, they are also about people. Given the negative impact of not leading or managing change, it is a wonder why people are so resistant to it.  Change is new and unknown and hence people need to feel comfortable with it.


This workshop is designed to work with you to provide you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to lead and manage change effectively by working positively with people.

Managing Yourself in Times of Change 

Change is a constant in all of our lives. Understanding the nature of the change and why you have to re-invent yourself when change occurs is important in any situation. Let face it – if we can’t accept the change, we will be left behind.


This program will give you an understanding of how change is implemented in organizations to address external changes and gain some skills and techniques for managing their reactions - worry, anxiety, resistance - to change and to be more resilient in times of change.


Project Management

Effective Project Management

To bring a project to successful completion, the role of the project manager is required - someone who can achieve it by coordinating the resources and people to a common goal.


This program will acquaint you with the processes of project management and will focus on defining and coordinating the work to be done to bring a project to a triumphant finish.

Managing and Leading Project Teams

Many organizations these days are requiring their people to work on projects to introduce new products/processes or enhance existing ones. Some of these projects are critical to the business success. The chance for project failure is always high so in order to bring a project to successful completion, it is important for project managers to understand the skills required to lead the team to success.


This program will focus on the art of project management - leading people and teams.


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