Nurturing a relationship of trust to propel you to achieve your goals.

Effective coaching is often a natural extension of good leadership. A good leader should not only portray excellent leadership abilities but should also effectively impart them to others, thereby infusing the whole organisation with a progressive mindset. A good coach can guide fellow colleagues towards attaining awareness about their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as engaging them on the best way forward to unlock their full potential.

At Enible, we employ brain based coaching methodologies for effective performance enhancements. The learned coaching skills enable leaders to ask powerful questions, challenge assumptions, reframe and clarify goals, leading to enhanced employee performance and development.

Effective coaching impacts organizations in the following ways:

Encourages team success

It is vital for successful leaders to motivate their teams and enhance skills

Coaching skills give leaders the crucial knowledge and expertise they need to stimulate their staff to grow, unleash fresh energy, innovation and commitment.

Maximises human Potential

Asking open and incisive questions instead of providing answers encourages staff to explore different ways of addressing a problem and to think creatively.

Building on the success of each individual instead of judging them and inspiring them to even greater achievements increase their morale and boosts their self- confidence.

Harness team dynamics for optimal growth

By using coaching skills, you will support your team members to take ownership and responsibility for their actions so that you can get on with your own essential leadership role.

Instead of having to be involved in the systems and processes, you nurture your people to take ownership so you can focus on your business strategies.

It allows you to experience the joy and satisfaction from a strong team that you build and your own development as a leader.