Communicate the Post-COVID way

The DISC Personality System is a universal language of behaviour. Research has shown that behavioural characteristics can be grouped together in 4 major groups. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioural characteristics common to that style.

Using this system, you can tailoring your communication techniques to your intended audience and create a difference between bland and effective communication.

Here are some tips of how you communicate with people of Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steady (S), and Compliant (C) profiles.

1)      Communicating with a D

Do you have someone who is assertive, to the point and wants the bottom line? This could be your boss or even your peer/subordinate. Here are 3-tips for you.

  • Stay on task
  • Be clear specific and to the point
  • Ask “WHAT” questions

2)      Communicating with an I

Someone who is an “I” type behavior, are great communicators and friendly to everyone they meet. They are also people oriented. Consider these 3-tips when relating to an “I” type.

  • Talk and ask about their ideas and goals
  • Allow time for relating and socializing
  • Ask “WHO” questions

3)      Communicating with a S

If your work involves someone who are good listeners and great team players, they are highly likely to be a “S” type behavior. Pacing what you are saying and managing energy levels are 2 key points for an S type behavior.. Remember that they prefer interacting in groups and not particularly like surprises. Here are 3-tips to consider.

  • Show sincere interest in them as people
  • Give them time to dialogue, discuss and reflect on the topic
  • Ask “HOW” questions

4) Communicating with a C

Someone who enjoys gathering facts and details and is thorough in all activities is a “C” type behavior. They also have strong preference for rules, procedures, and compliance. Here are 3-tips when engaging this behavior type.

  • Provide them with data and the time they need to decide
  • Don’t force a quick decision
  • Ask “WHY” questions

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