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There is a story about speaker-related leadership to ants. The ants in the colony were asked what did they want to be. Many said that they wanted to be fast so that they could run away when chased by their predators. Others said that they wanted to be even more hardworking and serve the ant colony as much as they can. There was this one ant, when asked the similar question, replied that it wanted to be something different – it wanted to be a butterfly!

How does this story help you to relate to your current role as a leader? Do you want to continue being an ant or aspire to be a butterfly? In order to be a butterfly, one would have to think, behave and feel like it. We would have to divorce our mindset that we are an ant so that we can work on becoming a butterfly.

How are we investing time in our own growth as a leader? What motivates us to become a current, present and inspirational leader? How would we know when we arrive? 

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