Another Meeting – Now What?

2 min read: Meetings have become a regular feature of our lives, both work and personal. The key is to have productive ones.

Transition Successfully from Individual Contributor to Manager

Being elevated from being an individual contributor to a supervisor can be daunting as new skillsets are often needed to perform well. These centre around people management and can be distilled down to Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling. Let’s explore them briefly. Functions of a Supervisor Questions to Ask Key Tasks Planning What are the […]

Thinking & Vulnerability

3 min read: Do you feel vulnerable when you think? Read to know the effective techniques of being confident in how you think & communicate.

September 2021 Newsletter

Do you struggle when dealing with challenging situations? Have you always wanted to better cope, adapt and even bounce back when something difficult happens in your life?

Learning Agility – Do You Have It?

3 min read: What is Learning Agility and are you an agile learner? Read to find out the characteristics and why it is an essential skill at work.

August 2021 Newsletter

We are proud to announce that we have been appointed by McGhee Productivity Solutions to deliver solutions to support you in creating a sustainable culture of productivity.