Resilience in the VUCA Age

Change can be overwhelming at times and hence increases our stress levels. With distress, our emotional brains get on a high alert to protect ourselves from possible danger of failures. Hence we become short term in nature and also become risk averse. When difficulties and failures appear, we are not able to weather the storm to get through it and bounce back if there are setbacks.

Before moving forward, have a look at our previous article on VUCA to have a better understanding of what VUCA is.

So why is resilience important today in the age?

Resilience is important today as it enables us to develop create routines and structures that give buffers against frequently changing experiences, which could be overwhelming for the individual. It creates the balance needed in our lives during stressful and difficult times. It is though an antidote the protect us from any issues relating to mental health.

How can we practice effective resilience in these times?

Here are 3 things that we teach in our workshops that you can do to practice effective resilience are as follow:

1. It is important to build and maintain a strong social network. Having good and nurturing relationships with family and friends is key to this. Be willing to accept help and support from those close to you who care and listen to your needs

2. Don’t have to keep saying this but this is often neglected – take care of yourself! Make sure you are getting some physical exercise. Do things that are fun and relaxing for you. Drink lots of water. Remember to also practice self-compassion and not beat yourself up over mistakes and failures.

3. Set yourself some small goals to accomplish things meaningful to you. Do little things no matter how small to further these goals. Instead of focusing on what cannot be done, focus on what can be done. Reappraise your situation from a negative one to a positive one. One question to always ask yourself is. "What is one thing little I can do today to move myself in the direction I have set for myself?

Eventually, what are the outcomes of practising effective resilience?

There are many tangible outcomes for practising effective resilience. Some of them are that you will find yourself to be more self-confident in managing yourself, you will develop a growth mindset and willing to do things in a new way and you will also feel a sense of autonomy and hope. Other end results you may see are you being calm under pressure, think rationally, be optimistic and of course have a good self-esteem.

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